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Saturday, July 10, 2010

ranting about loonies

Since the Westboro fruits have made me think about this:
If I was raised in a bubble or another planet, somebody telling me about Jesus would freak me out. Case: Believe in my GOD who sent his son(self) to die for you.We telepathically communicate and he was a zombie. These things would freak me out if I had not been raised with the Christian background. So, why do I cringe every time I hear nutjobs preaching? I don't want to be associated with them in any way shape or form. I do not witness,I do not preach, I do not judge. If you reached this stage in adulthood w/o belief or deeply in one, you surely don't need MHO. So, I withdraw and shake my head. I know people of many faiths, and they all make sense. It just goes to show that everything is filtered through experience. Words can only mean so many things,but there are infinite ways to put them together.Infinite ways to come to your truth,your GOD,or your invasion theory. We all have to live here together,so why do we keep on making it as unpleasant as possible? Are these people that miserable? Every GOD I have ever heard any version of is at most indifferent and at best a big giant all knowing teddy bear who loves you unconditionally. He doesn't hate anybody,even when wrong has been done. Now, if these morons would just SHUT UP, maybe they wouldn't alienate potential converts.
Okay, enough of my ranting. Off to watch a movie.I'll prolly go to hell for watching Hot Tub Time Machine anyway.

Thursday, July 1, 2010

When drugs to make you feel better tank

Going on day 5 of death defying neck pain. Finally tossed it and said get thee some drugs!So, to the tune of twenty bucks I now exist in a state of near sanity (not to be confused with consciousness). Plus, my neck STILL hurts, but is slowly trying to heal up,if I just didn't have to do pesky things like lift my head, turn, or sneeze.
Well, I just thought I'd let my FAN (luv Scott!) know how I am doing.And anyone else who stumbles across.
Echo out